Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Regret

There was this girl named Nicole who always wants her parents to be proud of her. She was the middle child in the family having three children. All of her siblings are girls. She has this feeling that she was not being love by the family. Her parents were not proud of her despite her achievements in life. They only see the achievement of her siblings. They never appreciated her efforts.

During her elementary days, she felt she was imprisoned in the world of books, assignments, quizzes, and projects. It is now that she realized that she had passed her childhood years without enjoying that stage of her life. She never experienced the typical things that a grader can experience. She just merely focused on her studies. What she really wants is to surpass what her elder sister has achieved. Luckily, the fruit of her hardships and efforts was the honor that she has gained. She did not only graduate with diploma but with the honor of being a salutatorian as well. Again, there is still emptiness in her heart.

As the saying goes, “the end justifies a new beginning”, it is indeed a new horizon for her. She was about to enter the world of high school. Of course, she felt the same thing that she had during her first grade in elementary, the fright to enter a new environment.

Time has quickly passed by. She met several people and gained a lot of experiences. She has learned to value time and money. It is in this stage of her life when she met Kyle, her first boyfriend. She discovered the true essence of life. Whenever he was beside her, she felt happy and contended. They painted their high school days very memorable and colorful. They did some crazy stuff and laugh until they run out of breath. It is the happiest moments of her life.

When high school graduation has come, Nicole, Kyle, their friends, and even her fellow students cried a river. It is a heart-breaking moment that has remained in their minds. Goodbyes and farewells have been said and hoping that in the years to come, their paths will meet again. Indeed, high school life is the most memorable stage of every one’s life.

It was summer, the time to find the best college school where they will enroll their desired courses. Nicole was forced to take up medicine course for it is what her father wants. She needs to go to the city for it is the only place where medicine courses are offered. She needs to live there. When she told this thing to Kyle, the latter felt disappointed for he does not want her to be away from him for Kyle is going to take his college degree in their province. But Nicole insists that she does not have any choice. She told Kyle to wait for her until she has received her degree in medicine.

Nicole then went to the city and continued her life. She solely focused on her studies and no communication with Kyle at all. Years have gone by. She never came home in her hometown not until she has something to prove to her father.

Now, as a successful doctor, she has been managing her own hospital in the city. It is now time for her to come back to her hometown. It has been exactly ten years since she has left their province not knowing what will welcome her in her own town.

When she was already in front of their house, she felt she has longed for their house for the entire years that she was away. Even though she has not live in it with so much good memories, still she loves the place for it is where she spent her childhood and teenage years.

When she entered the house, she found out that her sisters were already married. They already have their own children. However, what was surprising is the fact that they never had finished their college courses. Still their father adores her sisters. Nicole felt that even though she exerted effort to become what her father wants her to be, it is still not enough. She does not even felt welcome by her family.

She then walk away and find herself walking into her high school Alma Matter. It is the place where she felt the real happiness, became contented in life, and especially the place where she met Kyle. She wonders where Kyle was and what he has become after ten long years.

She decided to go to the house of Kyle. To her dismay, she found out that her one true love became a priest. She knows that it is what Kyle really wants. However, Kyle promised her that he is not going to enroll in the seminary if she will be willing to be her wife in the future. But she has forgotten about Kyle when she was busy achieving her goal in life.

She ended up getting married with Aaron, the person whom she does not love. She only married Aaron for companionship. Moreover, she decided to get married in the church where Kyle serve and ask Kyle to be the priest who will bind her and her husband as one.

She then concluded that life is really an irony. When she was in high school, she dreamed of Kyle being the person next to him in the altar who will vow that will love her for the rest of their life. However, there is Kyle, present in her wedding, but not as the husband, but as the priest that he has been dreaming of before she meet him.

Still she ended up nothing. She has never received the real happiness in her life for a long time because she does not choose what she really wants.

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