Sunday, October 31, 2010

Filipino Street Foods

Filipino street foods are commonly grilled, but some are fried. These foods are sold during night along highways and streets.

Filipino street foods that are grilled include Helmet or chicken heads, Adidas or chicken feet, Betamax or chicken blood and IUD or chicken intestines. These foods are grilled and dipped on vinegar before eating them.

Aside from grilled, there are also fried Filipino street foods. These foods are sold by vendors on pushing carts or three wheelers and can be brought at the lowest price of one peso. An example of Filipino street foods that are fried are chicken balls, fish balls, meat balls, kikiam, hotdog, squid balls, kwek-kwek, one-day old, fried chicken and calamares.

The very popular Adidas or chicken feet, Betamax or chicken blood, and IUD or chicken intestines are commonly serve during drinking sessions. Drinker eat them with the accompaniment of wines or beers.

Filipino street foods do not take a longer time for it to be prepared and do not require a lot of money. These are mass foods that are sold at least price of one peso. Filipino street foods like fish balls are cheaper than barbecues or grilled foods.

Because street foods are very delicious and yummy, some of these are also included on restaurant’s menus, specially the Filipino type restaurant.

This street foods are already part of the culture of Filipino. They may not look appetizing but their taste is definitely awesome and delectable.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Importance of Sari-Sari Store in the Economy

Sari-sari store plays a vital role in the growth and development of our economy; in addition, it is an aid to the Filipino people inside the community.

Just like what other big food stores such as supermarket and marts, sari-sari store provides us with our primary needs which are food.

‘Sari-sari in English term means various or different. In a sari-sari store, they sell various kinds of food products. These products can be in the form of canned goods, snacks, cookies, breads, chocolates, candies, and anything that can be eaten and can be stocked longer and will not suddenly expires. There are lots of sari-sari store all over the country. But, unlike to other big stores, sari-sari store don’t have limitations. It is more convenient for public particularly to poor people. It offers or sells to its customers retail products on its possible lowest price which others don’t.

Sari-sari store is a small time business that is available to anybody with a small capital Sari-sari store is a good business to start with. It would help Philippines to lessen poverty and give chances to others to be part of entrepreneurship. It doesn’t earn you yield a big profit in the end, but since it was the man’s primary needs is involved, this kind of business is much demanding and will surely patronize by most people particularly by poor Filipino family that is unable to buy expensive one.

Sari-sari store also provide cheap products with the use of repacking. They buy products from markets and sell them to multitude. Because sales on markets on place are too expensive, most of us practically preferred to buy cheaper one.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Living in the Comfort of Your Home

Our home is the best and only place where we feel the comfort and security that we can never have in any other places. This is why we make everything that we have just to make our home more homey and comfortable not only for us but also for our guest. Usually, mothers as the home makers of our home are the one who make the choices in buying some of the stuff in our house like the furnitures and equipments in our home. They are very meticulous in choosing the right stuff for their home.

One of the few things that you should consider in choosing and buying things for your home is the quality, design, and comfort that it can give. Some of the things that we usually buy are the comforter and bed frames. There are a great number of available hotel collection comforter and canopy bed frame in the market. A lot of variety of these to choose from.

We usually love to display our family photos in our home. This is some how ordinary for us. Good thing to now that there are lots of wire photo holder that makes a great decoration to your houses. You should choose the unique wire photo holder to change those traditional photo frames to modern ones.

Friday, October 22, 2010

An Auto Repair Shop

One of the greatest invention of technology is the cars. Through the use of cars, we can easily travel from places to places without any hassle. This is how convenient life has become when we adopted technology. Many car owners are willing to spend so much of their money just to improve the looks of their cars. There are many car accessories and parts that are being sold in the market that can really beautify the looks of your car. But as a car owner, you should not only be aware of the things that can beautify your cars but also on the things that can maintain its performance. There might be time where in your car will be having a technical and mechanical problem and you need to find an auto repair shop.

There is this Chicago auto repair where you can have your car check up and be fix. They provide a great service that is very much affordable. You cannot find other car shop like this. They also check engine lights if they are still functioning. As much as possible, let your cars be check up occasionally to prevent possible failures on your engine and to avoid greater damages. This can also help your cars maintain their performance and functionality.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Nothing is scariest than Halloween Day, right? There are Scarecrow, ghosts, white ladies, vampires, Dracula’s, and many more scary things in towns. Halloween is a kind of Holiday that is celebrated every first week of November.

Halloween Day is celebrated in varied ways. Some made Halloween parties by gigs, wherein youngsters wear their best and scariest costumes. Some disguises like witches in horrible looks, some wear bloody dress, some appear in uncharacteristic outfit but the most used was Dracula’s costumes, having red lips, fangs, paled face.

On the other way, Halloween is not totally all about horrifying things, Halloween Day is also a day for all living to reminiscence their dearest passed away ancestors. A day of solemnity, were all remembering all spirits, somehow. So., people during November one, was all gathered to their relative’s respective cemetery. They pray for them, peacefully.

When Raindrops Fall

They said living organisms can live without food for a while but not without water. This is because water plays an important role in every living things' survival. No living organism can live without water. This is why no individual can lasts through many days without drinking water. During hot summers days, you will notice that most people will definitely consume more glasses of water than the usual. During this time of the year, people will severely perspire and in order to replace the water that has been eliminated from the body, one should drinks glasses of water.

This is how important water is. But despite this facts, why does people sometimes hate rain? Rainy days may come in heavy or light. It is caused by what we called season change or climate change. In science, rains give a lot of benefits to the living organisms like in man, animals, plants, and so forth. First, man’s primary needs include water. Without this, we may die. Everything grows with the helps of waters. Plants' production needs water. In industry, water is being used for cleaning. On electricity, water is also a source of energy. In short, in rainy days, when rain drops starts to fall in every where, is really a big help in all aspects of life.We can conclude that in spite of being regardless sometimes, hated by a few people because of the floods it brought to our surroundings, rainy day is nevertheless very important on its existence.

Blog to Earn

Most people today are very much fond of browsing the internet. They use the internet in searching for some information, data, but some people make use of this just to engage with some social networking sites. Some are fond of making their own blogs in order for them to share their own ideas and knowledge to some of the visitors in the internet. There are now a great number of bloggers in the internet.

Are you one of those people who loves to share their views and opinion with others? But do you know that you can earn income in doing this?You can register your blog in (BPB) BidPostBlog Pay For Post Blog Service and you will be paid for every opportunities that you will write for them. You can earn from $0.50 to $100. And by making some referrals, you can also generate an income that amounts to $1.

A Great Social Network

There are now a great number of people who are engaging in some social networking sites. They want to interact with people whom they knew and people who are not familiar with them. There are a lot of social networking sites today that people are very much fond of.

But there is this another social networking site that people will surely love to engage with. You may visit Sign up now and start interacting with other members of the site and gain a lot of friends. It is a great social networking site for everyone who loves to mingle and interact with people through online.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Travelogue

Philippines has its own hidden beauty. There is no need for you to visit other countries just to have a great vacation. There are many places that you can visit in here that you will surely love. Recently, I went to Laguna and was surprise to see the beautiful scenery that lies in that progressive province of Laguna. It is really a worthwhile trip that I will never forget. I will surely be going back to this place in the near future.

Let me share with you some of the experiences that I had encountered while I was there.

This picture was taken in Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort. It is the place where you will experience a country life. It was founded in 1980's. Our stay in here is definitely worthwhile.

This is the view in front of our cottage in Villa Escudero. Our cottage is nestled in this stream. It is a scenic view that makes my day upon waking up in the morning.

We even experienced riding a raft! That was really cool. This stream is 30 feet under water. Tough I do not know how to swim, I had no worries since I'm wearing a life vest.

A lunch area right beneath the man-made waterfalls. Another worthwhile experience that I had. We had our lunch there and the food was really great. I got my tummy full.

The other day, we transfered to another location, the Exotic Restaurant. We also had our lunch in here and they really serve appetizing and delectable recipes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Little Angels in the Family

These little cute babies takes away our stress and weary whenever we come home from a very stressful work and nerve-racking studies. They give so much love and joy to the family. They make our world feel lighter when we play with them.

Name: Althea Denise
Birthday: June 21, 2010

This angelic face has captivated so much attention from people. She was recently baptized and was welcomed to the Christian world. She always love to take a bath and enjoys soaking her body in the water but she burst out in tears when she takes out of the water.

Name: Nathaniel
Birthday: January 2, 2010

Little Nathan, a bouncing baby boy, loves to smile to everyone. Evey dull moment will surely be enlighten whenever you see his smile. He will surely going to break women's heart when he grows up.

Name: Michaela
Birthday: September 14, 2009

Mika has turned one last month. This naughty little girl has her own tantrums. Behind that cuteness and adorable face is a hard-headed baby. Sometimes, she becomes snobbish. She always loves to eat food.

Name: Francis Audrey
Birthday: February 25, 2009

Audrey has her own fashion sense at a young age. She used to pick her own shoes in the store. She is very talkative and knows many children songs like itchy bitchy spider, the alphabet song, and many more. She never eat any kind of food unless it came from her mother.

Name: Trisha
Birthday: January 7, 2009

This little cute girl is now a pain in the a** of her mother. Now that she already knows how walk, she never get tired of it. She always want to play with the boys. And when she saw her mother walks away from her, she will surely throw tantrums. She never wants her mother to be out of her sight.
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