Thursday, October 21, 2010

When Raindrops Fall

They said living organisms can live without food for a while but not without water. This is because water plays an important role in every living things' survival. No living organism can live without water. This is why no individual can lasts through many days without drinking water. During hot summers days, you will notice that most people will definitely consume more glasses of water than the usual. During this time of the year, people will severely perspire and in order to replace the water that has been eliminated from the body, one should drinks glasses of water.

This is how important water is. But despite this facts, why does people sometimes hate rain? Rainy days may come in heavy or light. It is caused by what we called season change or climate change. In science, rains give a lot of benefits to the living organisms like in man, animals, plants, and so forth. First, man’s primary needs include water. Without this, we may die. Everything grows with the helps of waters. Plants' production needs water. In industry, water is being used for cleaning. On electricity, water is also a source of energy. In short, in rainy days, when rain drops starts to fall in every where, is really a big help in all aspects of life.We can conclude that in spite of being regardless sometimes, hated by a few people because of the floods it brought to our surroundings, rainy day is nevertheless very important on its existence.

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