Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Travelogue

Philippines has its own hidden beauty. There is no need for you to visit other countries just to have a great vacation. There are many places that you can visit in here that you will surely love. Recently, I went to Laguna and was surprise to see the beautiful scenery that lies in that progressive province of Laguna. It is really a worthwhile trip that I will never forget. I will surely be going back to this place in the near future.

Let me share with you some of the experiences that I had encountered while I was there.

This picture was taken in Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort. It is the place where you will experience a country life. It was founded in 1980's. Our stay in here is definitely worthwhile.

This is the view in front of our cottage in Villa Escudero. Our cottage is nestled in this stream. It is a scenic view that makes my day upon waking up in the morning.

We even experienced riding a raft! That was really cool. This stream is 30 feet under water. Tough I do not know how to swim, I had no worries since I'm wearing a life vest.

A lunch area right beneath the man-made waterfalls. Another worthwhile experience that I had. We had our lunch there and the food was really great. I got my tummy full.

The other day, we transfered to another location, the Exotic Restaurant. We also had our lunch in here and they really serve appetizing and delectable recipes.


  1. Wonderful, I enjoyed reading it. Even I like to travel to new places and experience new things :)

  2. Very nice blog, i like the pictures.

    Greatings from Belgium.

    My blog:

  3. A rainbow of Joy. I define this blog in this way :) Best wishes from a new follower (an Estonian living in Italy)

  4. thanks to your nice feedback regarding my blog..

    enjoy reading! =)


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