Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Personal Hygiene in a Natural Way

This post brought to you by Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

In our family, we only trust products that we know we can trust. We never buy those products that are not naturally made and can definitely harm not only us but also the animals who serve as their own tester. They can still make the product without harming living things. This is why we only use the Wicked Fresh Tooth Paste and Mouth wash because we know that the company,Tom's Of Maine, who produced these products does not harm animal animals unlike other companies who tests their products in some animals. So if I were you, I would just buy these products than the other kinds.

I have this Wicked Fresh moments that I would like to share. We have this argument with my cousin where in we compare the things that we all buy from clothing, food, accessories, and even the personal hygiene products. I never won in our arguments with regards to the clothing, food, and accessories for he rebut with great statements but when we came to the products of personal hygiene, I definitely won the argument for I am proud to say that I use Wicked Fresh products that are definitely made in a natural way. I told him that these products that I am using did not harm any animals when they are still in the process of testing it.

If you are a consumer of these products, you can share your wicked Fresh Moments for a chance to win prizes. You can visit their page here: That's Wicked Fresh contest page. You can have some update from the company by joining their Facebook page or you can follow the on Twitter @TomsofMaine. click here

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The Soothing Music

What do you whenever you feel weary and stress? All of us have such stress whenever we work so much hard. Some people’s stress reliever is listening to music. They love to hear those music that they feel they can take away their stress and wearies. Music is also a good source of a more lively and good life. It is even consider as one of the essential foundation in our existence. Music can be found everywhere. There is music in movies, in theaters, there is music at weddings, birthdays, and some other occasions and parties, in funerals, and while we are driving to work. It conveys someone’s emotion. Whenever we feel happy and great, we love to hear those, music that are lively but when we experience some problems and we are experiencing difficulty or we feel sentimental, we prefer to listen to those music that are more of lonely and dull.

But music is definitely very important during occasions. As you can see, whenever you attend some parties like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and some other parties, music is always part of it. It also a factor can make the atmosphere very lively. If you are to have some celebrations like wedding, parties, you can have the Atlanta DJs to provide music with you. They have a great service that can definitely make your party a great one when it comes to music. There is also this available Atlanta Wedding DJs that will definitely suit as a music provider during wedding.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Tradition

During Christmas season, one of the most awaited day during this season is the start of Misa de Gallo. These are Spanish words which means Rooster's Mass and in Filipino it is called "Simbang Gabi" or Night Mass. This Misa de Gallo starts on the 16th day of December that will run for 9 days. These dawn day masses are basically conveying the tradition of people that is meant to show Filipino's faith and devotion to our God. Typicaly, the mass starts at four o'clock in the morning and will run for more than one and a half hour.

Right after this mass, people usually buy those native foods that include bibingka and puto bumbong. Families gather together to eat these foods after each every mass. This has been the tradition of Filipinos for several years now and will definitely going to continue until the next generation of Filipinos.

Christmas Vacation!

At last, we had our Christmas vacation! We can now spend so much time with out family. Have you ever made some shopping for the gifts your are going to give away with your family and friends? But it is not the gift that really matters but the thought that really counts.

Another important thing during this holiday seasons is the presence of your family. It is definitely priceless to have your family beside your during this Christmas. I hope everyone can be able to enjoy the Christmas season very much.

Enjoy your Christmas vacation and always be safe! =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

God's Grace

We people is the greatest creation of God. He love us to the extent that He provided us the things we need in this world before we were conceive. He was the one who gave us life and we were given the opportunity to experience the things in this world.

We should always value all of the things that He has given us and we should be thankful about it. But you can see the real scenario in the society where in people are very much concentrated on those earthly things. But this should not be because life is beyond this earth. The real life lies on the life that we will have when we leave this earth.

So, before your time on this earth runs out, make the most out of it by valuing all of God's creation including your life. This way, He will be proud of you that you had value what He has given to you. And we should always think of what's best for us and for other people.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There is definitely a great need for us to work or find a job in order for us to sustain our own basic needs. This basic needs are needed for us to continue to live on this earth. It is definitely hard to be the bread winner in the family since you need to provide all the things that your family needs from food, shelter, clothing, and even their school expenses. But somehow, the money we earn from our work is not enough to buy all the things we need in life. This is quite distressing. As much as possible, we do not want our family to experience the scarcity of needs in life.

You cannot be forever a worker or an employee. There would be time where in your body can no longer do the things that you have done before. How can you still then sustain your family's needs? This is why it very ideal to put up your own business. Although you do not have the strength or ability to manage you business, still in can run under the supervision and management of your family. So at a young age, learn to acquire the entrepreneurial skills and ability so that when you have already accumulate the money needed in starting up a business, you already have your own understanding about putting up a business. It needs courage, determination, and drive to attain the success of putting up a business. But this will surely profit into something better.

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