Thursday, December 16, 2010

God's Grace

We people is the greatest creation of God. He love us to the extent that He provided us the things we need in this world before we were conceive. He was the one who gave us life and we were given the opportunity to experience the things in this world.

We should always value all of the things that He has given us and we should be thankful about it. But you can see the real scenario in the society where in people are very much concentrated on those earthly things. But this should not be because life is beyond this earth. The real life lies on the life that we will have when we leave this earth.

So, before your time on this earth runs out, make the most out of it by valuing all of God's creation including your life. This way, He will be proud of you that you had value what He has given to you. And we should always think of what's best for us and for other people.

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