Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Corrective Posture Measure

  1. Place feet parallel to one another, two inches apart.
  2. Balance weight evenly between feet, support it halfway between balls and heels of feet.
  3. Slightly flees knees.
  4. Place elbows slightly away from the body and gently bent.
  5. Release hands by sides with thumbs at sidearms Let your finger fall gently, curved.
  6. Contract buttocks by squeezing an imaginary coin between them.
  7. Tilt pelvis under.
  8. Tighten abdominal muscles by pulling up and in Lift chest high by taking a deep breath.
  9. Lengthen space between ribs and hips.
  10. Raise shoulders up, back and finally down and release.
  11. Straighten and lengthen spine and neck.
  12. Hold head high by imagining being lifted up from behind the ears.
  13. Hold chin at right angles to neck and parallel to the floor.

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