Monday, July 22, 2013

The UFO House

There is this UFO house that has been built by 58-year-old Roberto Sanchez Rivera in Puerto Rico. He has been in building this house for 40 years. According to him, this house was built because of love but not literally because it is a sweet revenge against his ex-girlfriend whose mother told Rivera that he could never attain anything in life. He used to write love letters with UFO drawings to the girl when he was still courting her and told her that he would create his own UFO house. Because of this, he felt devastated and thought of contemplating suicide. But he was determined to make them feel sorry about what they did to him. This is why he studied industrial design and fine arts.

He decided to buy a lot that is near the highway so her ex-girlfriend wouldn't miss it once she passed by the highway. He bought the land in Puerto Rico for $95,000 in the year 2002 and built the UFO house in a few years which cost him $150,000. And would you believed that he got the revenge that he wanted to do with his ex-girlfriend? According to him, he received a call from the girl. She even had a tour in the UFO house while he was still working on it and ask him to get back together, but unfortunately Rivera is no longer interested with her. The UFO house has served its purpose.

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