Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

Many people are having a hard time in constructing a simple paragraph. This might be because they do not have a wide knowledge with those vocabulary words. In order for you to be able to improve your vocabulary, here are the tips that I can provide you.

1. Be a Wide Reader

You can read books, paperbacks, novels, magazines, newspapers, and other written materials where you can be able to meet new words. Through reading, you can be able to use those words that you have encounter when writing your own paragraphs.

2. Use the New Words in Sentences

When I was in high school,my mother advice me to buy a new notebook and list all of the words that are new to my vocabulary. And for every word that I wrote there, I need to construct two sentences in which the new word should be present. In this way, those words were able to retain on my mind.

3. Watch English Movies

I am very much fond of watching English movies. Somehow, they help me build my English 101. You are not only going to gain new words from these movies, you can also be able to improve your delivery of the English language. I still can remember when we have a debate in our English subject in school, one of the preparations that I made is watching a lot of English movies because I can be able to adapt the accent and tone used by each character when delivering their lines. Hopefully, these simple tips that I have provided you can help you so much.

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