Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Process of Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Getting help for an alcohol addiction doesn’t have to be complicated. It generally consists of a two-part process. The first part is participating in a PBI alcohol detox, and the next is seeking treatment. These are both vital to your success in staying sober long term. You must take care of your body’s addiction and then also deal with your mental and emotional addiction.


The physical addiction needs to be addressed first. If you are going through withdrawals all through your treatment program, you won’t be in a great state of mind to really take in the information necessary to make changes in your life. Alcohol detox should be done under the care of medical professionals. The withdrawal symptoms experienced during detox can be scary and harmful to your body at times if you aren’t closely monitored. Some things you can expect include cravings, nausea, anxiety, sweats, and mood swings. Detoxification will usually take around 4-7 days but may take longer for some people. During this time, your body will rid itself of the toxins your alcohol intake has put there. Once your body recovers from the withdrawals, you are ready to tackle your mental and emotional addiction.


Some people feel that going through detox is a good alternative for treatment. Unfortunately, they are missing a main concept. Treatment is to help you regain control of your life. This also means learning how to move forward in life without needing alcohol. This means learning how to change your negative thinking patterns. It also means learning about your triggers and what you need to do in order to stay away from them. Treatment will include therapy. You may participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and even family therapy during this time. It is important that you open up and participate honestly in therapy. Your treatment won’t be as successful if you are guarded or pessimistic about your success. When you go through PBI alcohol detox and then successfully complete treatment, you are much less likely to relapse. You will have taken care of your whole self, including both the mind and the body.

Making the Job Easier with Home Inventory Software

In one split second, your whole world could change. Survivors of natural disasters and societal upheavals will tell you that it’s not the possessions that matter so much in the long run as the safety and well-being of the people you love. That is very true. But possessions also make your life far easier, and if you are being responsible and planning for possible negative outcomes to your home, a home inventory is essential. Should you be the victim of something as sudden as a natural disaster or as torturous as theft, an inventory of all your possessions is necessary for your insurance claim. Home inventory software takes a tedious job and makes it much more fun and easy to accomplish. Here are a few tips to getting started.

Assemble Your Supplies

Clear your schedule for a few hours and eat a good breakfast. Then round up your camera or smart phone, a clip-board, and a pencil. If you have a laptop or tablet, load up the software so you can bring your electronic device with you throughout the house. Tackle one room at a time.

Begin the Inventory

If you can upload a video to the software (or just for your records), take five minutes or less to film the entire room, pausing on each possession while narrating what the object is, when you bought it, and approximately how much you paid for it. Be as honest and exact as you possibly can. Open drawers or doors to view contents.

Once the video is finished, it’s time to take still photos of each item. Include furniture, electronics, wall decorations, musical instruments, high-end clothing items, jewelry, and appliances. Take down make and model information, dimensions, and condition. Software programs have prompts that are easy to follow so you won’t have to guess what information is relevant to your insurer.

De-Clutter and Update

Taking a home inventory is a good method of identifying stuff you don’t actually need anymore. As you go room to room, write down any areas such as drawers or closets that will need future de-cluttering attention, including specific items you no longer wish to keep. Once the inventory is done, you can go back and clear out those items, giving or throwing them away as is appropriate. Update your home inventory, if necessary, to reflect the changes. Home inventory software makes this a very simple process. If, in the future, you acquire more items that need to be insured, you can update once again. Your insurance company can then tailor your policy to exactly suit your needs so that you are not paying a dollar too much or failing to insure possessions you would need to replace in the event of a tragedy.

How to Encourage Corporate Wellness

It’s important to understand why a company would even care about corporate wellness. What people want to do with their bodies is their own choice, right? Though this may be true, it may be beneficial to a company to help their employees make wiser and healthier decisions. Think about it. Healthy employees are going to take fewer sick days. They are going to have more energy and drive at work. They will be happier and thus, be easier to work with. Being healthy also reduces stress, which will help them feel more comfortable with their workload at work, leaving you with less turnover. So now that you know the benefits, here are a few ways you can encourage corporate wellness in your business.

Encourage Exercise

If you have an empty room in your office, it may do you some good to turn it into your own personal gym. Give your employees a chance to come early to work, stay late, or use their lunch break to break a sweat. If you can’t provide your own personal gym, help them stay fit by providing incentives. Have each employee track their exercise throughout each month and then give prizes and awards for those that are staying on track with their fitness.

Give Healthy Options

When it comes to work, the vending machine is a staple item. Most employees will take a few trips to the vending machine throughout the week. You want to give them their options, but also try to help them have a few more healthy options. Include fruit, water, trail mix, and other healthy things in with the candy bars and soda drinks. When they have these options available, they will be more likely to take them.

Invest in Long-Term Success

Let them know that you care not only about the present, but about their future health as well. Give them opportunities to be educated in healthy habits. Have a doctor come to your office on a regular basis to give them routine checkups and to answer any questions your employees may have. You can also provide weight-loss challenges to help your employees remember to stay healthy on a regular basis. Corporate wellness is a great thing for the company and for the individuals too.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Tikker: Death Watch

Fredrik Colting invented this “The Happiness Watch'. This is a watch that can certainly motivate everyone to make every minute valuable. This watch is also known as the Tikker Watch or the "death watch". The inventor seek and find a way for people “to cherish the time and the life that we have been given, to honor it, suck the marrow from it, seize the day and follow our hearts. And the best way to do this is to realize that seconds, days and years are passing never to come again.”

The watch needs to be set up and this can be done by filling out a questionnaire with information about your medical history, weight, lifestyle details such as if you drink or smoke and how often you exercise. You will also be asked about the diseases that may run in your family. After all of these information are factored, you will be given a score pertaining to your lifespan including the years that you have already lived. Your current age will be deducted from this score, then the countdown begins.

The Tikker counts not only the years and months of your remaining life, but it also includes every minute and every seconds. The creators – “a group of designers, free-thinkers, lovers and life-aficionados” say “it’s not about how much time you HAVE, it’s what you DO with it. A week spent in love and happiness can be worth more than a year spent in agony. If you knew how much time you had left, wouldn’t you use that time wisely?” adding that “While death is nonnegotiable, life isn’t. The good news is that life is what you make of it – and oh boy can it be beautiful!”

You can get a Tikker of your own by making a preorder that cost $39 for the simple black design or $1,000 for a custom one in pantone color – limited offer only.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Creative Cake Pops by Angie Dudley

The Bakerella, a baking and decorating blog run by Angie Dudley, has featured a new concept of sweet treats in the form of Grumpy Cat and Boo cake pops. She was challenge when she discovered the Chronicle Books, the publisher of the books that features internet stars Grumpy Cat and Boo.

Dudley used crumbled cake and frosting mixed together and rolled into balls. Then, she chilled them. After they were chilled, she dipped them in chocolate, vanilla, and yellow bits, melted together. Then she shaped and mold them and decorated them with the needed details.

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