Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Encourage Corporate Wellness

It’s important to understand why a company would even care about corporate wellness. What people want to do with their bodies is their own choice, right? Though this may be true, it may be beneficial to a company to help their employees make wiser and healthier decisions. Think about it. Healthy employees are going to take fewer sick days. They are going to have more energy and drive at work. They will be happier and thus, be easier to work with. Being healthy also reduces stress, which will help them feel more comfortable with their workload at work, leaving you with less turnover. So now that you know the benefits, here are a few ways you can encourage corporate wellness in your business.

Encourage Exercise

If you have an empty room in your office, it may do you some good to turn it into your own personal gym. Give your employees a chance to come early to work, stay late, or use their lunch break to break a sweat. If you can’t provide your own personal gym, help them stay fit by providing incentives. Have each employee track their exercise throughout each month and then give prizes and awards for those that are staying on track with their fitness.

Give Healthy Options

When it comes to work, the vending machine is a staple item. Most employees will take a few trips to the vending machine throughout the week. You want to give them their options, but also try to help them have a few more healthy options. Include fruit, water, trail mix, and other healthy things in with the candy bars and soda drinks. When they have these options available, they will be more likely to take them.

Invest in Long-Term Success

Let them know that you care not only about the present, but about their future health as well. Give them opportunities to be educated in healthy habits. Have a doctor come to your office on a regular basis to give them routine checkups and to answer any questions your employees may have. You can also provide weight-loss challenges to help your employees remember to stay healthy on a regular basis. Corporate wellness is a great thing for the company and for the individuals too.

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