Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Making the Job Easier with Home Inventory Software

In one split second, your whole world could change. Survivors of natural disasters and societal upheavals will tell you that it’s not the possessions that matter so much in the long run as the safety and well-being of the people you love. That is very true. But possessions also make your life far easier, and if you are being responsible and planning for possible negative outcomes to your home, a home inventory is essential. Should you be the victim of something as sudden as a natural disaster or as torturous as theft, an inventory of all your possessions is necessary for your insurance claim. Home inventory software takes a tedious job and makes it much more fun and easy to accomplish. Here are a few tips to getting started.

Assemble Your Supplies

Clear your schedule for a few hours and eat a good breakfast. Then round up your camera or smart phone, a clip-board, and a pencil. If you have a laptop or tablet, load up the software so you can bring your electronic device with you throughout the house. Tackle one room at a time.

Begin the Inventory

If you can upload a video to the software (or just for your records), take five minutes or less to film the entire room, pausing on each possession while narrating what the object is, when you bought it, and approximately how much you paid for it. Be as honest and exact as you possibly can. Open drawers or doors to view contents.

Once the video is finished, it’s time to take still photos of each item. Include furniture, electronics, wall decorations, musical instruments, high-end clothing items, jewelry, and appliances. Take down make and model information, dimensions, and condition. Software programs have prompts that are easy to follow so you won’t have to guess what information is relevant to your insurer.

De-Clutter and Update

Taking a home inventory is a good method of identifying stuff you don’t actually need anymore. As you go room to room, write down any areas such as drawers or closets that will need future de-cluttering attention, including specific items you no longer wish to keep. Once the inventory is done, you can go back and clear out those items, giving or throwing them away as is appropriate. Update your home inventory, if necessary, to reflect the changes. Home inventory software makes this a very simple process. If, in the future, you acquire more items that need to be insured, you can update once again. Your insurance company can then tailor your policy to exactly suit your needs so that you are not paying a dollar too much or failing to insure possessions you would need to replace in the event of a tragedy.

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