Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Nothing is scariest than Halloween Day, right? There are Scarecrow, ghosts, white ladies, vampires, Dracula’s, and many more scary things in towns. Halloween is a kind of Holiday that is celebrated every first week of November.

Halloween Day is celebrated in varied ways. Some made Halloween parties by gigs, wherein youngsters wear their best and scariest costumes. Some disguises like witches in horrible looks, some wear bloody dress, some appear in uncharacteristic outfit but the most used was Dracula’s costumes, having red lips, fangs, paled face.

On the other way, Halloween is not totally all about horrifying things, Halloween Day is also a day for all living to reminiscence their dearest passed away ancestors. A day of solemnity, were all remembering all spirits, somehow. So., people during November one, was all gathered to their relative’s respective cemetery. They pray for them, peacefully.

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