Monday, September 30, 2013

Extraordinary Opal Looks Like Blazing Fire

Jeff Schultz is a Florida-based gemstone enthusiast, groundskeeper at State College of Florida, who took this images of the Mexican Opal that really looks like a blazing ball of fire. This is really a stunning collection of a beautiful and rare kind of opal. No wonder Jeff Schultz is very fascinated with the beauty of gemstones.

Photos © Jeff Schultz on Flickr ( )

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tom Martin's Realistic Food Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Don't these images look like real photos? But mind you, these are hyper realistic paintings created by the acclaimed hyper-realist artist Tom Martin from Rotherham, England. They sure look like edible food but don't let your eyes deceived you, for these are paintings and each pieces is at least one meter wide and it can be bought at least £17,000. He used photos as a reference for his paintings.

The artist focus more on food as a subject. In his explanations, he said, “I focus on food and its content because it plays a very big part in my life at the moment. I am a keen fitness enthusiast and along with that comes a healthy diet and the science of learning how your body uses carbohydrates and proteins.”

His latest hyper-realistic paintings will be on display for his solo exhibit in London at Plus One Gallery on October 9 until November 2.

Photos © Tom Martin/Plus One Gallery 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Buy Cars from Auto Dealers

Buying a new car can be a really exciting and fun experience. Unfortunately, buying a new car can be a really overwhelming and stressful experience, as well. The situation in which you find yourself will largely depend on your knowledge of buying car from Woodbridge auto dealers. The more knowledge you have about buying a new car from an auto dealer, the better prepared you will be to make the right decision when the time comes. This article will explain everything you need to know about purchasing a new car from an auto dealer.

Where to Start

Before you get started with the process of actually buying a new car, you will want to figure out what kind of car you want to purchase. The amount of research you do before you go to the auto dealer will help you in many different ways. When you find the car you want to purchase, you will want to know everything you can about that car. In a way, you will want to try and be more knowledgeable about the car than the salesperson is. This way, he or she will know that you mean business. Most importantly, you will want to know the MSRP of the car. This refers to the manufacturer's price of the car. When you know that, you will be better able to bargain with the auto dealer.

Finding the Right Dealer

A really important step to buying a car from an auto dealer is the process of finding the right auto dealer from which to buy. There are a ton of different auto dealers out there, and it's your responsibility to find the right one. If you don't, you will probably have a really bad experience. Get recommendations to auto dealers from friends and family members.

Buying Your Car

When you finally find two or three different Woodbridge auto dealers that interest you, you will want to take some time and visit each one. Keep some things in mind as you do. Figure out what kind of person you want to work with and really pay attention to how each salesperson treats you. When you find a dealer that you really like, you can be prepared to make your purchase.

Get a Better Shave and Spend Less Doing It

They say that you should replace the cartridge on your razor after just a handful of shaves. If you follow that advice and you shave every day, you’re looking at going through at least a cartridge a week. If you buy a four-pack of cartridges at the drugstore, it’s going to set you back about $15. That means that each month, you’re spending at least $15 on shaving supplies! If you’re sick of wasting money on mutli-blade razors, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can learn about safety razors and how they’re far superior to the razors you’re used to. Not only can you get a smoother and closer shave, but you can save money hand over fist.

A safety razor is a very simple razor system. It consists of a removable blade that is sharp on both sides. It kind of looks like blade you would put in a box cutter. This blade gets attached to the handle, and you shave with one side of the blade, and then switch it when it gets dull. These razor blades are very inexpensive; you can get a box of 10 for under $5.

A safety razor delivers a much better shave than your drugstore razor. But you get the best results when you use it in conjunction with a complete preparatory routine. This means you want to have a quality shaving kit that includes a badger hair shaving brush, a shave soap or cream, and a razor. Buying a shaving kit can cost you a bit up front, especially if you get a really well-made one, but it will actually end up being cheaper than what you’re using.

If you decide to switch over to safety razors, you will have to learn how to shave with them. They use a very different technique than cartridge razors, and it takes a little practice to get it figured out. Fortunately there are tons of videos and tutorials online that show you step-by-step how to perform the complete shaving process. But if you’re willing to learn how to shave with a safety razor, you won’t regret it. You will be getting a better shave, and saving money at the same time. Sounds pretty good, don’t you think?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Portable Bicycle That Can Easily Transport

Designed by Valentina Vecchia and Marilena Alberga, One Shot has a very unique bicycle concept. It is a very portable bicycle that you can fold and easily transport. Bicycle has increase its demand in the urban area since many people and tourist love to ride such mode of transportation for it gives people a great experience to have a hands-on experience in the area.

But some people also find it an inconvenience to bring a bicycle since they are not portable. This has triggered Vecchia and Alberga to create a bicycle that is functional yet portable. People can now easily bring this compact bicycle and could easily store it away. It is a very ideal bicycle because of its versatility.

Photo © Valentina Vecchia on Behance ( )

Monday, September 23, 2013

Artist Compare New York & Paris With Artwork

Vahram Muratyan is a freelance art director and graphic designer who lives between New York and Paris. Because of his frequent travel between the two places, he created a blog that depicts mostly of comparison between the two cities.

He then created these series entitled Paris vs. New York: A Tally of Two Cities. This series of him involve minimalist illustrations of clever comparison between the two cities. People who would love to learn about the two cities can be able to see the clear comparison of the places.

Photos © Paris vs. New York blog ( ) 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Defying Gravity With The Steel Table

The London-based designer Paul Cocksedge is the one who created this gravity-defying table. Though he is known for his creations of beautifully made magical light installations, he was still able to catch the eye of art aficionados with this new art sculpture that he created. He named it as the Poised Table and it seems like it is impossible to built such table but through careful mathematical calculations, the 1000-pound table is certainly stable.

If you want to personally see the piece, it is presently display at the Cocksedge's first solo exhibition titled Paul Cocksedge: Capture at New York's Friedman Benda gallery until October 12th. 

Photo © Paul Cocksedge's webiste ( )

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tales You Lose Series by Andre Levy

Tales You Lose is an beautiful artwork series by Andre Levy also known as zhion in instagram. He posted these photos in his instagram account. He used coins from different countries that he collected from his travel and transformed the figures in the coin into different icons, presidents, and other personalities. Some of the figures that he created were those of Cat Woman and Wolverine to Cinderella and Ronald McDonald.

"Coins are actually massively-reproduced little sculptures. This project brings individual character to each replica, and makes us think: Are we able to like one cent more than others, just by injecting new stories in it?" - Andre Levy

Photos © Andre Levy

Auto RepairIs Best Done as Maintenance

Cars are part of everyday life for most people. Everyone depends on cars to get where they need to go each day. It is good to take care of them before a problem arises. Most people do not know that they should be following a routine maintenance schedule for their car. Those that do know there is a schedule of suggested maintenance do not usually follow it. Sadly, most people wait until their car breaks down to take it in for auto repair in Traverse City.

Maintenance Prevents Most Expensive Problem

The most common reason for neglecting maintenance in a vehicle is money. People always have better things to spend money on. However, if the maintenance of a car is neglected long enough, an expensive problem comes up. This is not a smart decision for the family budget. Understanding the value of maintaining a car rather than fixing it, budget the cost for maintenance into the annual family budget. Plan for it and follow through.

Will Maintenance Prevent All Problems?

Although maintenance will prevent most major issues, it does not always prevent everything. Sometimes bad luck just comes your way. However, there is no doubt that the cost of maintaining a car and fixing the occasional problem is far less expensive than neglecting the car until something major breaks.

Overcoming Forgetfulness in Car Maintenance

Next to money, forgetfulness is the next largest reason why people do not properly maintain their car. However, most auto shops are glad to add you to their email or postcard reminder list. They can help remind you to bring your car in for maintenance. This is simple to sign up for in most cases and can save you from your own forgetfulness. There are plenty of shops that do auto repair in Traverse City. If you ever become unhappy with the service of one place, you can always go looking for another. If you do that, do not forget to ask them about being added to an email reminder list. They will be more than happy to add you. Do what it takes to make sure your car is properly maintained and you will find your car lasting longer and running better.

Style Watch: Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Tired of your builder’s grade bathroom? Ready for a change? If you are considering a bathroom remodel or are making choices for new construction, contemporary bathroom vanities offer some fantastic looks that are very of-the-moment. From stock pieces to unique custom built vanities, the contemporary or modern look is sleek, chic, and ultra-functional.

Clean Lines

The most striking quality of modern vanities is the simplicity of lines without the loss of function. Door panels are generally flat, with handles that reflect the clean, uncluttered look. There is an emphasis on natural materials, as well, rather than overly painted or manmade surfaces. Even if wood is stained a dark color, the grain is allowed to show through. Countertops are often made of stone (marble or granite, for instance), cement, or glass.

Fit the Space

You can buy footed or on-the-wall varieties of modern bathroom vanities. Hanging a vanity on the wall rather than seating it on the floor creates a sense of space that can make pint-sized bathrooms seem more open. You can also achieve this sense of spaciousness by purchasing vanities that incorporate frosted or clear glass door panels or a clear glass countertop. The most streamlined vanities do not give you the option for any storage and are simply a pedestal, countertop, and sink basin. This is an excellent choice for the tiniest of bathrooms, and even as an option for a sink that is in a bedroom rather than a bathroom.


There’s nothing wrong with antique, vintage, or builder’s grade vanities. Elegance is measured differently depending on the overall style or theme of the décor, and an intricate solid wood dresser from 100 years ago that has been turned into a bathroom vanity is certainly elegant. But the modern look can also be elegant in its simplicity. A style that has been popular for some time is the vessel sink, where a bowl made of wood, stone, or metal is placed on top of the counter rather than underneath. Some contemporary bathroom vanities incorporate a graduated sink, where the high end of the counter slopes evenly downward into a bowl area. You can match the modern style with other modern appliances, colors, and materials in your bathroom or create a more eclectic look by mixing up modern and antique pieces. A sleek, clean-lined sink marries very well with carefully chosen pieces of ornate wall décor in particular.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beautiful Artworks by L7m

Known mostly in Brazil as L7m, Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins created these beautiful series of graffiti birds on the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil. In this series of his artworks portrays a very creatively drawn birds combined with abstract.

He was 13 years old when he picked up his first can of spray paint and started creating street art. According to his bio, he is inspired by "The revolt of human sorrow, the beauty of life, the city's disarray, the neglect and the surroundings, all of these things transposed influence the works of this artist, who evolved with all his feelings focused in street art."

Photos © L7m's Facebook page

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Antique Cabinet Transformed Into An Aquarium

This Fish Tank Cabinet is created by Dobromila Kruszynska, a furniture and product designer. The said furniture was inspired by the 16th-century Queen Anne display cabinet, the piece that blends with antique and which was originally designed to display porcelain, with contemporary lighting and a sealed water system.

The said furniture is only suitable for small and slow-moving fishes. The said fish tank is illuminated at night by a waterproof LED dimmer that changes the color from green, red, blue, or purple.

Photo © Dobromila Kruszynska's website 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Creative Typography Portraits

Sean Williams created these beautiful typography portraits of different famous singers using the lyrics of songs.Sean Williams is a designer, photographer, and a director and lives Edmonton, Alberta.He named this series of typography portraits as Hip Hop Type.

Some of the artists that he used as a subject are Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake.

Bruno Mars



Kanye West


Harry Styles

Justin Timberlake
Photo © Sean Williams

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Beautiful Albino Humpback Whale

It is very rare to see the beautiful albino humpback whale to leap out of the sea and recedes back underwater.The beautiful albino humpback whale can be seen along the Queensland coast in Australia. The said whale was given the name Migaloo (an Aboriginal word meaning "white fella") and is protected under Australian law.

The first time that the albino humpback whale was documented is in the year 1991 and it is thought to be the only albino humpback whale since its discovery. It usually swim from from Antarctarica to Australia and back. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Metallic Sculptures Towering The Tidal Shore

Metallic sculptures that are called the Oystermen are towering are the seashore in Kinmen Island of Taiwan. These metallic sculptures are public environmental installations made by Marco Casagrande, a designer from Finland. These metallics sculptures where shape like a man standing on stilts. They measure 6 meters tall but when there is high tide in the shore, only three meters of the height is visible in the surface. The figures look like they are walking above the water where there is high tide.

The sculptures was named as Oysterman because overtime, the legs of the sculptures are always covered with oysters. You can also observe that the sculptures have these popular conical Asian hats but these are not just an additional installations but they also serve as solar energy collectors and are use to illuminate the sea during night time.

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