Thursday, September 19, 2013

Style Watch: Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Tired of your builder’s grade bathroom? Ready for a change? If you are considering a bathroom remodel or are making choices for new construction, contemporary bathroom vanities offer some fantastic looks that are very of-the-moment. From stock pieces to unique custom built vanities, the contemporary or modern look is sleek, chic, and ultra-functional.

Clean Lines

The most striking quality of modern vanities is the simplicity of lines without the loss of function. Door panels are generally flat, with handles that reflect the clean, uncluttered look. There is an emphasis on natural materials, as well, rather than overly painted or manmade surfaces. Even if wood is stained a dark color, the grain is allowed to show through. Countertops are often made of stone (marble or granite, for instance), cement, or glass.

Fit the Space

You can buy footed or on-the-wall varieties of modern bathroom vanities. Hanging a vanity on the wall rather than seating it on the floor creates a sense of space that can make pint-sized bathrooms seem more open. You can also achieve this sense of spaciousness by purchasing vanities that incorporate frosted or clear glass door panels or a clear glass countertop. The most streamlined vanities do not give you the option for any storage and are simply a pedestal, countertop, and sink basin. This is an excellent choice for the tiniest of bathrooms, and even as an option for a sink that is in a bedroom rather than a bathroom.


There’s nothing wrong with antique, vintage, or builder’s grade vanities. Elegance is measured differently depending on the overall style or theme of the décor, and an intricate solid wood dresser from 100 years ago that has been turned into a bathroom vanity is certainly elegant. But the modern look can also be elegant in its simplicity. A style that has been popular for some time is the vessel sink, where a bowl made of wood, stone, or metal is placed on top of the counter rather than underneath. Some contemporary bathroom vanities incorporate a graduated sink, where the high end of the counter slopes evenly downward into a bowl area. You can match the modern style with other modern appliances, colors, and materials in your bathroom or create a more eclectic look by mixing up modern and antique pieces. A sleek, clean-lined sink marries very well with carefully chosen pieces of ornate wall décor in particular.

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