Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tom Martin's Realistic Food Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Don't these images look like real photos? But mind you, these are hyper realistic paintings created by the acclaimed hyper-realist artist Tom Martin from Rotherham, England. They sure look like edible food but don't let your eyes deceived you, for these are paintings and each pieces is at least one meter wide and it can be bought at least £17,000. He used photos as a reference for his paintings.

The artist focus more on food as a subject. In his explanations, he said, “I focus on food and its content because it plays a very big part in my life at the moment. I am a keen fitness enthusiast and along with that comes a healthy diet and the science of learning how your body uses carbohydrates and proteins.”

His latest hyper-realistic paintings will be on display for his solo exhibit in London at Plus One Gallery on October 9 until November 2.

Photos © Tom Martin/Plus One Gallery 

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