Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creative Animal Sculptures Made From Scrap

Natsumi Tomita is a Japanese artist who created the exhibition, "The Small Forest" for a series of animals sculptures made from scrap materials. He was able create beautiful sculptures of animals from broken umbrella and bike parts to discarded cans and kitchen utensils.

"Each of these things, which we usually use everyday, once had a story, until they were thrown away. There are bicycles that were once ridden, broken dustpans, signboards from loan sharks, lost umbrellas. Every object had purpose and meaning before they were tossed away. Taking these things that I collect, I connect them and create new life from them. For this reason the animals that are born in this way are my children. I have given them each a name, and they all live together in the living room of my house" said the artist.

His artworks are displayed at the Galerie 412 until September 14, 2013. 

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