Monday, September 9, 2013

Metallic Sculptures Towering The Tidal Shore

Metallic sculptures that are called the Oystermen are towering are the seashore in Kinmen Island of Taiwan. These metallic sculptures are public environmental installations made by Marco Casagrande, a designer from Finland. These metallics sculptures where shape like a man standing on stilts. They measure 6 meters tall but when there is high tide in the shore, only three meters of the height is visible in the surface. The figures look like they are walking above the water where there is high tide.

The sculptures was named as Oysterman because overtime, the legs of the sculptures are always covered with oysters. You can also observe that the sculptures have these popular conical Asian hats but these are not just an additional installations but they also serve as solar energy collectors and are use to illuminate the sea during night time.

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