Saturday, October 30, 2010

Importance of Sari-Sari Store in the Economy

Sari-sari store plays a vital role in the growth and development of our economy; in addition, it is an aid to the Filipino people inside the community.

Just like what other big food stores such as supermarket and marts, sari-sari store provides us with our primary needs which are food.

‘Sari-sari in English term means various or different. In a sari-sari store, they sell various kinds of food products. These products can be in the form of canned goods, snacks, cookies, breads, chocolates, candies, and anything that can be eaten and can be stocked longer and will not suddenly expires. There are lots of sari-sari store all over the country. But, unlike to other big stores, sari-sari store don’t have limitations. It is more convenient for public particularly to poor people. It offers or sells to its customers retail products on its possible lowest price which others don’t.

Sari-sari store is a small time business that is available to anybody with a small capital Sari-sari store is a good business to start with. It would help Philippines to lessen poverty and give chances to others to be part of entrepreneurship. It doesn’t earn you yield a big profit in the end, but since it was the man’s primary needs is involved, this kind of business is much demanding and will surely patronize by most people particularly by poor Filipino family that is unable to buy expensive one.

Sari-sari store also provide cheap products with the use of repacking. They buy products from markets and sell them to multitude. Because sales on markets on place are too expensive, most of us practically preferred to buy cheaper one.

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