Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mobile Home of Liu Lingchao

Everyone of us have our own way of living. Some people might want to settle in those mansions or hotel-types of houses, but there are people who prefer to live a simple life. I personally want to live in a house as long as I can call it HOME. But there is this man, Liu Lingchao, who prefer to live in his own mobile home.

He has been living in his mobile home for five years now. He carries his home everywhere he goes. His house is 1.5 meter wide and 2.2 meter high and weigh 60 kg, enough for him to have enough room for his travel needs. Liu Lingchao is a 38 year-old Chinese who came from Rong’an, Guangdong Province. He left his province to find work in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In 2008, after being away from home after 20 years, he decided to go home through the means of walking with his mobile home. He collected plastic bottles and metal cans which he sold in order to earn a living while he is on his way home.

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