Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Man Who Built His Own Castle

Serafin Villarán was an ordinary and a simple man who work as a welder in a company. He dreamed to have his own castle. This is why in 1977,at the age of 42,  he got an idea to built himself a fairy tale castle. He has some books of Spanish castles which he used as an inspiration and his imagination to construct his own castle which is now known as the Castillo de las Cuevas (Castle of Caves). His castle is located in Cebolleros, Burgos, in the northern part of Spain.

The castle is five storeys high. In 1998, Serafin Villarán died without even seeing his castle finished and he spend 20 years of his life constructing his castle. It may look like it is already finish in the exterior, but the interior needs more construction and finishing touches. This is why his daughter, Yolanda, and son Luis Sarafin spend €2,000 yearly for the continuous construction of the castle.

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