Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Personal Hygiene in a Natural Way

This post brought to you by Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

In our family, we only trust products that we know we can trust. We never buy those products that are not naturally made and can definitely harm not only us but also the animals who serve as their own tester. They can still make the product without harming living things. This is why we only use the Wicked Fresh Tooth Paste and Mouth wash because we know that the company,Tom's Of Maine, who produced these products does not harm animal animals unlike other companies who tests their products in some animals. So if I were you, I would just buy these products than the other kinds.

I have this Wicked Fresh moments that I would like to share. We have this argument with my cousin where in we compare the things that we all buy from clothing, food, accessories, and even the personal hygiene products. I never won in our arguments with regards to the clothing, food, and accessories for he rebut with great statements but when we came to the products of personal hygiene, I definitely won the argument for I am proud to say that I use Wicked Fresh products that are definitely made in a natural way. I told him that these products that I am using did not harm any animals when they are still in the process of testing it.

If you are a consumer of these products, you can share your wicked Fresh Moments for a chance to win prizes. You can visit their page here: That's Wicked Fresh contest page. You can have some update from the company by joining their Facebook page or you can follow the on Twitter @TomsofMaine. click here

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  1. interesting site.. congratulations and God bless! Merry Christmas!!! :-)


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