Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year's Life

Everyone is rushing to get their selves to the market. Everyone is busy purchasing different fruits and other products in the market. They are rushing to have the New Year celebration be special because it is one way of thanking God the year that passed in our everyday life. Different people are buying their fire crackers and fire works to settle down the New Year celebration during the count down. There are lots of people who are preparing their own gimmick to have a blessed new year. There are people who are making different noises to avoid such accident in using some fire crackers. The New Year’s Eve is a great event for everyone to show the each and every people that we are uniting to have a better life in a new year that we have. Different people are living across to their own lives and we must be forgiving our enemies and have the new life without any trials and fears. As we count down to one, we are ending up the current year to a new year to live.

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