Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loving the Oldies and Elders

How do you love your elders? How do you show your sympathy to them?

Oldies and elders are the people that we need to love more. They must be taken good care by their love ones specially their family. We can provide them shelters to live-in, food to eat and clothing to wear, but are these the only things that we can show how much we care?

Be respectful. Respect is one of the most appropriate way to show to our elders that we love and care for them. Respect be gets respect.

Be polite. Filipino tradition of saying ‘po at opo’ by the Filipino young children to their oldies would mean being polite. They usually use the word ‘po’ and ‘opo’ when having a conversation with their oldies and even to elders as well.

Kissing oldies hands is the most respectful and polite thing we can do to show that we really care for our elders. This tradition is very often during night or when there is an occasion and then your oldies relatives will come at home. But it’s Filipino people’s nature to be respectful all the time that’s why even just in an ordinary day, when you see elders or oldies on your way, take their hands and kiss or put it into your foreheads to show your respect to them.


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  2. hi nice info, btw kissing oldies hands is a old tradition in my country and still exist until now :)


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