Saturday, January 22, 2011


Grace is a quality every woman wants. It is a quality that appears more often as a girl matures into young womanhood. It can and should be learned, however, during your developing years.
Grace is beauty. Think of grace and beauty in the case with which peasants carry jars or baskets of fruits on their hands. Their movement is fluid and their balance so perfect that nothing falls off their head, spills from the jar, or falls from the basket.

Grace is also a state of mind assuredness and balance-of knowing you have it all together, whether mentally in what you are about to say or physically in your movements or materially in your dress.

The first lesson toward attaining grace begins with movement. The factors towards an aligned body also contribute to your grace: Proper exercise, improved posture, and correct body weight are the keys to grace and allow you to move more comfortably with greater case.

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