Monday, January 10, 2011

What is the Right Career for You?

Choosing our own career in life is definitely one of the hardest decisions that we will make in our entire life for this is where our future lies. This might also be the reason why we are always being asked by our parents and relatives when we were kids if what we would like to become when we grow old. Some of us would say you want to be a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, and some persons that are very much popular for us. But as we grow old, you will notice that your perception for you career will be diverted or will change. This might be caused by several factors that includes the environment and the experiences that we had in our life.

When I was a 1st grader, I dreamed of becoming a doctor someday because I want to treat then my grandma who is battling for cancer. And when she died, it gave me the reason to pursue what I want. But when I reach the 6th grade, I find my self getting interested with numbers. I have always been fond of solving mathematical equations especially on the subject of algebra. At that time, when I was being asked what I want to be, I always says that I want to take a career that has something to do with math or probably become a mathematician. And when I have entered the third year high school, I got fascinated with chemistry. I got curious with those elements and solutions that had experiment and I also love to study those chemical equations and symbols. I told then myself that I should take chemical engineering if I enter college.

But life is definitely unpredictable because I end up taking business management course. I do not know what comes to my mind why I have chosen this degree. Maybe in my subconscious mind I am planning to establish my own company in the future. But as I can see, I am happy with the decisions I made for I am enjoying every minute of my time in school. And I love what I am doing.

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