Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There is definitely a great need for us to work or find a job in order for us to sustain our own basic needs. This basic needs are needed for us to continue to live on this earth. It is definitely hard to be the bread winner in the family since you need to provide all the things that your family needs from food, shelter, clothing, and even their school expenses. But somehow, the money we earn from our work is not enough to buy all the things we need in life. This is quite distressing. As much as possible, we do not want our family to experience the scarcity of needs in life.

You cannot be forever a worker or an employee. There would be time where in your body can no longer do the things that you have done before. How can you still then sustain your family's needs? This is why it very ideal to put up your own business. Although you do not have the strength or ability to manage you business, still in can run under the supervision and management of your family. So at a young age, learn to acquire the entrepreneurial skills and ability so that when you have already accumulate the money needed in starting up a business, you already have your own understanding about putting up a business. It needs courage, determination, and drive to attain the success of putting up a business. But this will surely profit into something better.

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