Friday, March 18, 2011

The Great Movies of All Time

Who would ever think that Korean Movies can definitely make you cry? Oh well, a lot of people loves Korean drama series and no wonder even their movies are sure hit when they have been produce it on the big screen. Two of the best Korean movies that I have watched are “The Classic” & “A Moment to Remember”. Both movies are depicting love stories that could definitely melt everyone’s heart when watching it.

The Classic is certainly a movie that evolves on the story of a girl and her mom who happens to have a parallel love story. The story has its own flash back where in the mother of the girl has its own affair with her true love who does not happen to be her husband. But to make the long story short, the guy who happens to be her love interest is the son of the true love of her mother. Look how fate plays with their life. But this does not merely end there because there are still a lot of scenes that you will surely do not want to miss.

The movie A Moment to Remember on the other hand is also a love story in which the couples are suffering from a problem that is definitely usual. Despite the difference with their social status in life, they end up to be married but the story does not end there. There was a twist with their love story in which the girl is suffering from an Alzheimer’s disease. She happens to forget everything around her. See for your self how the couple has been able to cope up with the tremendous problem that comes between them.

I strongly recommend these Korean movies if you want to watch a movie that will break your heart and yet will make you believe in the power of love. These movies might have different plot and stories but they will surely going to pave a great lesson for everyone. Enjoy watching!

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