Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music: A Stress Reliever

Music is definitely part of our lives. It has been a companion of people in any situation. Music portrays the emotions of people. Most song writers write their own music depending on their mood or emotions. This is why they end up with a good that is being felt from the heart. And these types of songs are the one that is mostly likely to love by the public.

I love to play some songs in our home whenever I want to relax my body and mind. Music seem to be my stress reliever. It helps me rejuvenate my self and at the same time ease my pain and agony from the reality of life. And would you ever believe that when I hear music, I seem to live in dreams and forget the reality? As if I am not living in the world of reality. I have my own world when I play music in our home. But of course, I prefer to play those songs that go along with my mood. These songs are only being appreciated depending on my mood.

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