Friday, August 15, 2014

The Japanese Inspired Art of Tom Lewis

These are the cute and adorable Japanese-inspired artworks by Tom Lewis. He combine traditional tools like pencil, acrylic paint, aerosol and marker pens with modern digital software.

He has an on-going series called Megan and the Burobbu Boutique. This series features a lives of his fictional heroine Megan along with her mysterious pink blobs the burobbu as they traverse stormy waters. Megan is part adventurer, part schoolgirl. ”Tough but na├»ve, fearless but fragile, she ends up in situations where only dramatic and powerful decisions will enable her to survive.” Lewis describes the cute burobbu as “benign observers, malevolent masterminds, or heroic leaders,” who “have yet to reveal their intentions.”

Photos © Tom Lewis ( )

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