Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Season

Christmas season is fast approaching. This is the longest holiday in the Philippines. It is the season where community is filled with love and joy. You can even see lots of people decorating their houses with different Christmas decors. But usually, children are the most excited person for these season. Most people even said that Christmas Day is for the children. The latter even believe the existence of the fictional character named Santa Claus. They thought that Santa Claus is the one who send gifts to them while they are asleep but
the truth is that the Santa who give gifts to them are their own parents and relatives.

Christmas day is being celebrated all over the world. Here in the Philippines, for 9 days before Christmas, people are attending morning masses that is called Misa de Gallo (Gift Masses). These masses usually starts around 4 am in the morning. After attending this mass, people buy the usual bibingka and puto bumbong. These are food that are definitely associated with the Misa de Gallo.

After such mass, most people walk through their home rather than riding through their private car or public vehicles. This is because it feels good to walk in the street and seeing some other people who have also attended the mass. The ambiance of the street is definitely refreshing. You can even see houses decorated with Christmas lanterns that lightens the streets.

We are definitely looking forward to the most awaited holiday of the year.

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