Monday, November 1, 2010

Freedom Of Birds

“Tweet….Tweet….. Tweet…..”. Listen carefully to their harmonious chirps as the sun is preparing to rise. Birds- the nature’s ballants that beautify the dull canopy of bluish skies. With their strong and mighty wings, they are coming and wondrously soaring the freedom of life. We see birds almost anywhere- in the backyards, in the forest, in the province and even in the city. Some of them are slender but some are portly. Some are colorant but some are plain.

Everybody loves to care birds, because they are tame and harmless animals. They may only be tiny and weak to the eyes of many, but just like to human beings, birds have their own unique and good traits, that man should really know and learn to.

One of the most good virtue that we should learn from the birds is their virtue of being a free, or what we call “ freedom”.

Birds freely fly anywhere and everywhere. No one could dictate them to stop on flying. No one could tell them to soar higher. Birds hold their own time. They never have to be taken care of for the reason that they have the ability to live on their own.

Birds could fly higher, wonder everywhere, and search for something and they would never stopped. Their freedom makes them more inquisitive all the time. Their simplest form of living molds the greatest virtue of being free among the rest.

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