Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebration for Graduation!

So happy to know that graduates have already been deliberated and luckily I am one of those graduate who will march this March 30. I have already informed my family about it and as expected they want to throw a party for me this coming graduation. But I decided to decline because on the day of my graduation, some of my relatives may not be around because they are working and some are still studying. 

This is why I suggested to hold a party on May because this will be the ideal time where I can have a full attendance of my relatives. I am very family oriented person. I grow up living with the whole family and this is why I want to share this success of mine with them.And since it is summer, I want to hold the party in a resort. Glad my parents agreed with what I want. Now, I am looking forward for this day to come. Could no logner wait for it. :)

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