Thursday, October 31, 2013

Most Common Medical Supply Orders

You have probably noticed on your last emergency visit that the nurses unwrap brand new supplies just for you. They unwrap a sterile needle, they use a new morphine drip bag, and they put on brand new gloves. This may cause you to consider how many supplies a hospital goes through in one day, or how many supplies get used in hospitals across the country. Read on for more information about common things ordered from companies like Red Cell Medical Supply.

Intravenous Kits

It is almost automatic that you get an intravenous or IV drip when you enter the hospital. You’re also usually using one throughout the duration of a hospital stay. This type of kit has several components. First you’ll need a prep, scrub, and alcohol pad. This is to clean the site where the needle will be inserted. A PVP ampule will also be needed to protect against infection. You will also need gloves and a device to secure the needle in place. This also often includes tape to prevent movement. You may find that it is worth the money to purchase a whole kit, or you may want to buy the parts separately to assemble the kits yourself.

Dressing Change Kits

You may also need supplies for changing the dressing around a central line IV. It is important to have all the right equipment to minimize the risk of infection. Kits usually include a CSR wrap, a mask, gloves, alcohol and PVP swab sticks, and ointment. They also include sponge, gauze, non-adherent pads, tape, dressing, labels, and a tray that holds all of this. Some say that using a pre-made kit like this reduces the chances of infections being acquired.

Other Kits

Since there are so many different procedures, the different types of kits you can order from Red Cell Medical Supply are vast. You may consider a standard procedure kit, which may include gloves, cotton balls or swabs, gauze, and other tools. These kits could be used with procedures like incision and draining, or nose bleeds. You may choose to order the supplies you need separately on an as-needed basis, order in kits, or order in bulk.

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