Friday, November 1, 2013

Snake Venom: The Strongest Beer

The strongest beer has an alcohol content of 67.5% by volume considerably more than whiskey or vodka, and called snake venom. This beer was produced by Scottish brewers Lewish Shand and John McKenzie. They came up with this idea when their previous strongest beer with 65% alcohol content was considered "too weak' by drinkers.

It was last year when Lewish Shand and John McKenzie of Brewmeister Brewery, in Banffshire when they produced Armageddon, the strongest beer in the world with 65% alcohol content. After more than 60,000 bottles of beers were sold, fans are disappointed and said that they don't believe that the beer has 65% alcohol. This is the main reason why they decided to create a new beer and after nine months, they were able to create the Snake Venom. “Snake Venom is definitely sharper in taste. With Armageddon, we actually tried to disguise the taste by making it quite oily,” Lewis says. The beer cost $81 per 275ml bottle.

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