Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The 4 Don’ts of Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, it is important to understand what you need to do, and what you might be doing wrong. A lot of people are still practicing outdated SEO tactics, which can completely destroy your website. It is important to know how to effectively market your website to gain the right traffic. Here are the 4 Don’ts of online marketing, so you can work on avoiding them. 

Failure to Upload Content 

We see this happening all the time. People spend a great deal of time and money creating a great website, but they don’t end up doing anything with the site. You need to schedule a time each day to upload new content to your website. This will help to make your website friendly to the customers, and to the search engines. If you don’t post on your website often, it shows the customers that you don’t have a productive business, and they are less inclined to follow your website. 

Poor Content 

Here is another common problem we see happening a lot: companies fail to write quality content. When Google released the Penguin and Panda updates, their goal was to cut down on all the poor quality and spammy content. If you aren’t spending time researching your content and providing your readers with valuable information, you will lose them, and you will be penalized by the search engines. Never duplicate content, and work hard to create unique, informative, original, and engaging blog posts.

Wasted Websites

If you have created several websites, but you aren’t seeing a lot of traffic, you might try to abandon ship. Giving up on a website will have some consequences, as it already has domain authority. An older website is always favored by the search engines compared to a new website. Don’t give up on your website, take the time to redesign the site, create a site map, upload new content, market through social media, and try spending more time on your site before you give up on it.

Failure to Market

Too many companies forget to market their website. A quick upload to Facebook and Twitter will not be enough to captivate your audience. You need to take the time to properly market your website if you want to see an increase in the rankings. Use social media to market your website, and remember to spend some time with local search marketing. Local directories help to boost your rankings, and give you a solid customer base to work with.

Use these 4 Don’ts of online marketing to avoid having your website fail. With the right time and investment in your website, you will start to see a boost in the traffic and overall revenue stream.

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