Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Maintain an Air Conditioning System

Keeping your homes AC system working effectively is one of the best things you can do to prevent expensive repairs in the middle of the summer. If you need to replace your air conditioning in Georgetown, it is important to have multiple companies to contact. You need to make sure you have the right company to work with to prevent expensive emergency repair costs. Prevention is one of the best things you can do to keep your system running efficiently. Here are some tips to help you properly maintain your AC system. 

Change the Filter

This is a simple thing you can do to maintain your air conditioner. Find out what the size of your air filter is, and replace it with a new one. Some air conditioners will have a washable filter, which simply needs a rinse before being put back in place. A dirty, clogged air filter can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner by 5% to 15%. Keeping your system clean will allow healthy air to pass through the home, reducing problems with asthma and other breathing concerns.

Clean the Coils

The other area of an air conditioner that becomes worn out is the evaporator and condenser coil. They need to be replaced if they are older and have a lot of excess dirt on them. You need to make sure you are properly cleaning them to prevent issues with the coil collecting dirt. Too much dirt will increase problems with the coil absorbing heat. The outdoor coils will also struggle to work properly due to the dirt that collects on it.

Trim the Trees

Keep the trees and other greenery trimmed back from the air conditioner. If they are too close to your air conditioner, they can end up causing serious problems. They can drop leaves and twigs on the air conditioner, causing blockages in the condensate drains and coils. The other concern is the twigs blocking the coil fins from working correctly. They can easily dislodge a coil fin, causing major damage.

Call a Professional 

 The best way to maintain your air conditioning in Georgetown is to hire a professional to service it twice a year. Have them check on the system in the spring before you are ready to turn it on for the season. They can make sure the system is working properly, and will charge the Freon. In the fall, they will prepare the air conditioner for winter, preventing issues with frozen lines that can break and cause a water leak in the home.

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