Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Importance of Nature

Nature is the source of our living. We all know that nature is the real life that we should keep and preserve. But in our current living, do we treasure our nature? It is a hanging question that we must answer by our own self. We must know the answer because the answer is no. As we live in the fuller life in our society, we ignore about our nature because all we know is to live happily without knowing that we are stepping at the hazardous part of living. We use different products that can harm our environment that is why our mother nature suffers from great illness. As our nature punishes the unnecessary practice of living of everyone, we are still be the victim of this punishment. It is the reason that is why we must take good care of the plants, trees, and all living things that we must protect to avoid any calamities that we make us suffer.

Climate changes because of the pollution and hazardous effect of our living. Machines start to increase in number that is why air and noise pollution starts to increase. If we must know how to take care of our planet, we can have a better living with our families and friends without any possible threats of calamities in our environment.

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