Sunday, August 28, 2011

Does All Wishes Come True?

I always wonder since I was a kid, do our wishes come true whenever we throw a coin in a wishing well? I know, most of you have already tried tossing a coin in a wishing well hoping that your wish would come true.

I could no longer think of how many times I have wished on a wishing well. Since I had the knowledge of this wishing well, I have always made a wish in any wishing well in any places.

Some of my wishes had really come true and some haven't. But all of the things that I wished are long-term goals in which I know it takes a lot of time before I can be able to have the things that I want. 

I also believe that without our concrete plans and actions to make these wishes come true, it would certainly be hard for us to attain want we want in life. These wishing wells are only symbols and guidance that we should not get tired of dreaming and wishing for something and never give up in achieving these wishes of yours.

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