Monday, August 22, 2011

The Holiday Season

Few months from now, it is already Christmas. But I can already feel the ambiance of the said season.The wind blew cold, early evening and children singing Christmas carol are some of the signs of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is here, we must get ready for a full preparation for the coming season so we must prepare the needs to feel the real spirit of Christmas such as the Christmas decorations such as the Christmas lights, balls, candy cane, gifts and most of all, the Christmas tree that gives life to the spirit of Christmas. If you have these stuffs, well you can feel the spirit of Christmas but the real meaning of this season is to share the blessings that we have to the other people who are needing a little attention from us. There are a lot of young children who need some charity from us. Even though Christmas will passed by, you must know how to share blessings by just giving a single coin would mean a lot to them, collect your belongings now and share it with the nearest charity or even to the street children out there and it will return it for a big cause.

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