Monday, September 5, 2011

Am I a Failure?

Am I a failure? This is  what I always ask myself. It seems that I haven't achieve anything better for my life. All of my dreams before were not achieve and there are circumstances that lead me to this kind of life. I dreamed of being a chemist, an accountant, an engineer, or a doctor but nothing has been realized.

I was wondering before why I end up being a management student. But this is what I realize, I seem to have chosen a decision where I would not take the risk. This course that I have chosen do not have any board exam not unlike those dreams of mine. I am afraid to take risk and afraid to experience failure.

And when I have watch the movie Take Me Home Tonight, I felt like I am somehow like the guy who is afraid to take the risk. But what stuck in my mind is the advice that has been said by the father of the guy. He said he was never a failure since he had never tried to take a risk and he is worse than a failure.

Maybe, the father is really right. It is more ideal to take risk and fail than not to take risk at all. I'll just have to make something better for this course that I have chosen. There is something better that is waiting for me.

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