Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Passion for Singing

In our family, the passion for singing runs in the blood. From elders to young ones, they have great voices. But I am an exemption. aha :) I do love music but music doesn't love me. This is why whenever there is an occasion at home and my relatives decided to have a videoke, I am just an avid listener of them. 

I love to observe my relatives when it comes to this passion of theirs. The elders love to sing those old songs like the hits of the Bee Gees, Beatles, Tom Jones, The Carpenters, Air Supply, Cascades, and other artists. The younger ones prefer to sing those new songs. Women prefer to sing those love songs and OPM. The men prefer those music that fall under the genre of rock, pink, and emo. But no matter how they differ from their choices of songs, still they have the same common denominator which is their passion for music.

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