Saturday, September 3, 2011

Philippine Rugby Team - Pinoy Pride

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I just watched Jessica Soho and one of the stories that they featured is our very own Philippine National Rugby Team. They are our representative in the Shanghai Rugby. And honestly, I am impressed with their performance when I found out that they had won over the Rugby Team of Korea who are the defending champion in the said competition.

But despite this success that our fellow men had achieved, there are still some people who are not that impress since they think most of the players of the said team and even with the Team Azkals of our Football team, have players who are majority have foreign blood. These people are somehow rooting for pure-blooded Filipinos.

Although I respect this view of other people with our Rugby and Football team, still I am not with them. I have my own opinion with regards to this kind of matter. On my personal view point, we Filipinos should face the fact that we are still not capable to producing our own team where in majority of the players have pure Filipino blood. We still need the help of our fellow men who have foreign blood and besides, they are more capable of competing in those competitions because they have already experience those games. It is an advantage on our part to have them since basically these sports that we engage now are foregin games that were recently introduce to us.

But I still do hope that in the future we can be able to have a team where in majority are pure Filipinos but this needs a lot of training and preparation for our future players. But we should also put in mind that Filipinos who have foreign blood also have the right to represent our country in these sports.


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  1. i dont think its fully about the blood... it might also be because of the exposure they had to the sport..


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