Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Last Year of My College Life

I am already taking up my OJT since I am already in my last year in college. I hope I can be able to survive this last year of my college life. It is somehow fulfilling since I have already reach this peak of my life. And right after this stage of my life, I am about to enter another journey. And I somehow feel nervous since I still have the task to find an ideal job for me to be able to apply all of the things that I have learned and at the same time earn money for me to be able to sustain my basic needs in life.

But despite this, I am sadden about the fact that I will be away from my classmates right after this college life. I have spent my four years of life with them. But somehow, we need to accept the fact that nothing is permanent in this life of ours. All w have to do then is to communicate and keep in touch with them always.

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