Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Respect for Gays and Homosexual

There have already been a lot of debates in our country about homosexuality. Years ago, there are a lot of people who are afraid of coming out of the open and express what they truly are and this is because of the fear that they might be judged about their sexual preference. But this years have gone and people in our country have already accepted people who are homosexual. They are no longer being condemn by other people just because of their sexual preference. The society have already embraced the existence of homosexual. 

This change might have happen when there are people who belong to the third sex who have excel in their own field. Yes, it is definitely true that there are a lot of gay in our country who are very much successful in their own field and this has lead for the people to have higher respect for these people. It is only necessary for us people to respect every person no matter what he's character preference may be. He or she does not become a lesser human being just because he or she prefer being in the third sex. We should be reminded of the fact that these homosexual people are also human who have feelings that is not immune to some judgement and criticisms. We should be sensitive of what they feel. If you want to understand more of these people, you should visit the site gay blog.

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