Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Charitable Program

According to US Surgeon General C. Everet Koop, women nowadays are victims of domestic violence which has caused injury to them. And worse, this domestic violence is more common than automobile accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

If you have wife, sisters, daughter, niece, you would definitely would not want them to become a victim of domestic violence. Being a victim of this societal problem is worse than what we could imagine. It is common that most of these battered women do not have anything with them when they have decided to escape their abusive situation. Packing things for themselves is the last thing on their mind and they would rather pack their children needs. But it is very overwhelming to know that there are some organizations out there that are very much willing to help these battered women. They are providing them their shelter.  But due to the lack of funds, they could not afford to provide all of the basic needs of these battered women in the shelter.

This is where we can help. We people can be able to help these battered  women by just merely buying a premium handicraft soap. The YesterYear Soap Company is a retail and wholesaler of premium handcrafted soap and is committed to assisting these facilities by making donations of their soap for these women and children in this very difficult time in their lives. With every purchase that we made is already a great help to these people.

The premium handicraft products being offered by the said company are of great quality. This is somehow an indication that the
YesterYear Soap Company knows its social responsibility. Every company should also have this kind of advocacy where in they should not only be after the profitability of their business but also they should be aware of the help that they can provide to the needy. Through this campaign, the company is trying to make an awareness to other companies that can certainly provide assistance to those battered women's shelter.

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