Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao won Over Marquez on their Trilogy Battle

After several months for the preparation of their third battle in the ring, Pacquiao and Marquez has finally face off  on the ring. And after 12 rounds, Pacquiao was declared the winner by majority decision. Both fighters have given their best when they set their foot on the ring but in the end, Pacquiao was able to defend his title. 

But if you are going to visit some social networks, there are some people who are not in favor of the decisions that has been made the judges but there are some who agreed. In my opinion, although Marquez perform well in the ring, I think that his performance is not enough for him to reign as the champion since he has not proven something since he was not able to knock out Pacquioa although he did his best by throwing counter-punches. So, I think the decision made by the judges have been justified.

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