Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ways of Dealing with Problems

I am experiencing problems today and I find it hard for me to escape easily with these problems. Sometimes, I even ask God to take away this problem by ending my life on this earth. I do not even have the chance to share it with my family since I don't want to give them burden. But still, I am optimistic that I will be able to resolve these problems of mine.

I want to share with you my ways of dealing with my personal problems.

1. I pray to God.

This is the first thing I did every morning and even before I go to sleep. No matter how hard it is for me to deal with these problems, I always see to it that I will seek help from the person above.

2.  I divert my attention to something productive.

This is my way of leaving my problems behind. But this is just temporary. This will help me condition my mind in order for it to be prepared when I already focus with my problems and ready to resolve it.

3. Taking my time.

Usually, I spent three to four days for me to analyze the problems I have and think of some better ways to resolve this problem of mine. I usually make some alternatives so that if the plan A wasn't good enough to resolve my problems, I still have some other alternatives that might be a solution for my problems.

4. Sleeping during my free time.

If I am awake and I couldn't find something to keep myself busy, I rather sleep since I might only think of my problems. This somehow energize my mind and body for me to prepared myself from knowing the real cause of the problems that I have and find better solutions.

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