Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Gear Influences Your Camping Experience

There’s a lot to take into consideration when planning a Baton Rouge camping trip, and your planning phase is going to have a big impact on whether you enjoy your time outdoors or end up having a miserable time. One of the biggest influences on the success or failures of an outing is the type of gear you bring. A few types of gear are especially prone to making or breaking a trip.


If you’re going on a hiking trip, your choice of backpack is very important. You can only bring as much food and equipment as you can fit in your backpack. If your pack is too small, you won’t be able to bring the items you need to make your life on the trail more comfortable. The comfort of the backpack itself is also important. Each pack distributes its weight a little differently. If you’re stuck with a pack that is uncomfortable to carry, by the time you get to your camp site you might be too sore to do anything else.


Footwear is another important piece of equipment when hiking. You want shoes that are light and comfortable, so your feet don’t ache too much at the end of the day. However, you also want shoes that are solid enough that you won’t twist your ankle or have your shoes fall apart. If you’re rock climbing, you’re also going to need to pack rock climbing shoes. They make climbing a whole lot easier.

Sleeping Gear

Being comfortable while you sleep will also have a huge impact on your happiness throughout your Baton Rouge camping trip. First, you should always bring a tent. Sleeping out under the stars sounds great until it starts raining or you get swarmed by bugs in the night. Before your trip, check out weather forecasts and make sure your sleeping bag’s temperature rating will do. Make sure you think twice about the gear you’re bringing. If you can sleep well, pack everything you need, and get to where you’re going in comfort, nothing will get in the way of having fun doing everything else you planned.

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