Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reconciliation With My Cousin

Family has always been my anchor in life. They are the constant thing in this earth and the one that I value so much. I love to be part of this family because they are the best family you could ask for. Even though I do not have a sister, my female cousins seem to be like my sisters since we grew up together in one place. No wonder we love each other so much that we will stick together in times of difficulties.

This is also the same with my male cousins. They are just like my brothers who have always been there to protect any of us in the family. My family may not be perfect, since no one is, but I love the imperfections of it. We have been together through think and thin, and no amount of misunderstanding can break the bond that we have established since we were kids.

A month ago, I had a misunderstanding with my cousin and it was really beyond our control. We didn't talk for a month and I was glad that we were able to reconcile after a month not it good terms. We both said a sorry and after that, we talk bunch of topics and it seems like the rift between us never happened. This is how deep our love with our family members. Misunderstanding might always be there, but no amount of such misunderstanding can break the love that we have for our family.

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